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We will create an animated explainer video that sells your products and services for you in a fun, engaging way using the most cutting edge sales techniques proven to increase your sales.
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We will develop a potent sales script that effectively explains and sells your product and service while simultaneously using deep psychological principles and market-tested techniques.


Our professional voice-over artists will rehearse and record a reading of the approved script in a way that grabs the attention of you customer and resonates with them best, keeping them engaged.


Our animation team will piece together a fun, dynamic, and engaging animation video that keeps your audience engaged and wallets ready.


We will deliver your freshly cut and polished explainer video within two weeks, so you can implement it into your sales and marketing system immediately and start converting more new clients.


Our explainer video helped us increase our conversion rate by 64% within the first two months. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the guys at LC really delivered and I couldn't be happier with the results.
- Brian Li, Creative Director at Vicious Website

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An animated explainer video is a 24-hour salesman that never eats, sleeps, complains, or takes breaks – who delivers his sales pitch 100% perfect every time.